We believe that God is calling us to invite people into a deeper relationship with Christ, that all may discover true peace and be prepared to follow Him in compassionate service.

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1. Regular Offering Envelopes
All monies go to the General Fund unless you list a specific fund by name in the the blank. Approved funds are frequently listed in the Newsletter.  If you choose to put loose cash in the offering basket, we cannot track who it belongs to  checks are a better option, as we are able to credit it to your giving records.

2. Simply Giving
This is an automated way of giving endorsed by Thrivent, handled by a company named Vanco. Carol in the Church Office is Shalom's contact person and is empowered to make all entries via computer. To set up a Simply Giving account you need to get a form from Carol, fill it out and return it to the Office. To make changes, you follow the same procedure. You have choices as to frequency of the payment, amount, and can designate which funds you want it to go towards. Funds will be transferred out of your bank account into Shalom's checking account. Carol receives regular emailed reports of your giving and records those in your Shalom Offering Account. Each transaction of giving costs Shalom 20 cents; each change, set-up or deletion costs Shalom 40 cents. One big advantage to this way of giving is that even if you are unable to attend worship your offering still arrives on time.

Click  here to print a Simply Giving enrollment form.

3. Bill Pay
Bill pay is set up through your bank check with them to see if there is a cost  (most people say there is not). You must originate this procedure at your bank. The bank will send a check written to Shalom through the mail on the date you request and for the amount you request. You do not need Shalom's checking account or routing information for this version.

4. Automated Transfer
To set up this type of automated giving you need to see your banker. They can contact the Church Office any morning to get the Shalom checking account and routing numbers from Carol. This is the only way you can set this up! The Church Office cannot do it. The bank can set the date and amount to transfer from your bank account to Shalom's checking account. 

The only drawback to this version is that the church office cannot see the deposit until the bank statement comes out the first week of each month nd the names of those doing the transfers are not listed. You must let Carol in the Office know the date and amount of your transfers or she will not be able to track your offering.

If you want portions of it to go to various funds, you need to give that information to Carol as well. 

Click here to print an Electronic Giving enrollment form.

"But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you." Matthew 6:3-4

Campaign Prayer
O Father, as people of Shalom, we ask that You open our hearts - to keep caring for one another, to pray faithfully and give generously.  With Your Spirit we will gather, grow and serve You from one generation to the next.  In Jesus' name.   Amen
Informational Gathering
Please join us for socializing with other members and learning about the Building on Christ's Mission - Generation to Generation Capital Campaign on Sunday, November 17th after Service. Members will have an opportunity to learn and ask questions!
Shalom Lutheran Capital Campaign Committee
Campaign Co-Chairs: David Rush and Ruth Nagle
Campaign Committee:  Dave Burbank, Pastor David Fleener, Rollen Halvorson, Gail and Jay Kulp, Catherine Scholer-Kliewer and Arnie Wehofer
Campaign Consultants:  Michael and Whitney Davy from Mark Davy & Associates

Have Questions?
Click here to review a list of answers to frequently asked questions about Shalom's Building on Christ's Mission - Generation to Generation Capital Campaign.